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Plums and Pluots

 Click here to watch a video of plum packing:     Plum Video


Plum & Pluot Variety Descriptions
Variety Commodity Skin Color Flesh Color
Red Beaut Plum Red Yellow
Flavorosa Pluot Black Red
Showtime Plum Red Yellow
Santa Rosa Plum Red Yellow
July Santa Rosa Plum Red Yellow
Hiromi Red Plum Red Amber
Black Amber Plum Black Yellow
Crimson Star Pluot Black Red
Catalina Plum Black Amber
Fortune Plum Red Yellow
Burgandy Plum Burgandy Red
Dapple Dandy Pluot Mottled Red Red
Amber Jewel Plum Red Amber
Simka Plum Red Yellow
Grand Rosa Plum Red Yellow
Friar Plum Black Amber
Kelsey Plum Green Yellow
Rosemary Plum Red Yellow
Flavor Rich Pluot Black Amber
Howard Sun Plum Black Yellow
Angeleno Plum Black Amber
October Gem Plum Red Amber


Plum & Pluot Variety Descriptions
Pluot Red Plum Black Plum Purple Plum Green Plum
Flavorosa Red Beaut Black Amber Simka Kelsey
Crimson Star Showtime Catalina Burgandy  
Dapple Dandy Santa Rosa Friar    
Flavor Rich July Santa Rosa Howard Sun    
  Hiromi Red Angeleno    
  Amber Jewel      
  Simka   Cell Color Denotes
  Grand Rosa   Flesh Color
  October Gem